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Hard Disk Data Recovery Still An Important Asset

Hard disks have evolved along the years to be a lot more reliable than their ancestors, but no matter how good they got to be, they are still open to damage and errors that could cause loss of data. If this happens, hard disk data recovery is the solution and a big problem solver if the information on the hard drive is important and not backed up.

A hard disk can crash because of a range of different reasons but the most encountered is an unstable power supply. A hard disk is quite open to attacks from sudden power surges or power outages. Such power problems can cause both physical damage and logical errors. Logical damages are possibly easy to fix with a HDD scan and fixing the disk file system.

In most cases, you can observe some signs or symptoms that the unit is about to crash. An imminent crash will cause frequent disk error messages. If the disk will not be shown during the startup of the operating system or the information provided is incorrect when the disk is analyzed are almost sure signs of hard disk damage. If you can hear your HDD make weird sounds, clicking or whirring, the problem is mechanical and you will need professional hard disk data recovery assistance.

Some regular clues that may suggest hard disk damage are:

* When files are accessed or the system is powered up you might head ticking, grinding or clunking noises
* Problems with the operating system booting process
* Problems reading files that exist on the hard drive

To have your data safe, in case you notice such signs, make sure you back up the drive or the most important information at least. This way you will have an easy solution if the worst happens.

There are software applications that you can use to recover hard disk data and correct logical errors but they are quite dangerous in the hands of unexperienced users. If the information present on the damaged hard drive is of an elevated importance you might want to use the services of hard disk data recovery company.

Laptop Data Recovery Explained

Some things in life are just unwanted, but still, can happen to anyone of us. A thing like this is loosing your data from your laptop hard drive, we don't want it, but can happen. All our important information got wiped out in a second, all of it. You can go to your tech friend or even to a computer store to ask what you can do about it but you will probably receive an answer that you can't do anything with it.

We can prevent this by backing up all our information from the laptop hard drive in time but sometimes we just don't think about it and the worst will happen. We know it's our fault for not backing up the files. The good news is that now, we can investigate and research some data recovery companies and ask them for help.

The process for data recovery from laptop hard drives is usually more succesful then normal desktop hard drives, that's good news also. This is because laptop hard drives were always built for mobility and are designed in such way to prevent severe hard drive crashes. The heads on a laptop hard drive are not likely to touch the platters, this can happen mostly on normal desktop hard drives. Because of this, the process of data recovery from laptop hard drives has a higher success rate compared with desktop hard drives.

Even if it has a higher success rate, the process is still difficult and expensive if done by an individual. If you would think about opening it up you will have to make sure to open it in a class 100 clean room. Bad news is that such a room costs about $50000 - $70000. Your best pick is to find a company that can handle the process for you for a cost.

If you don't want to remove the hard drive from the laptop yourself, most companies will do this for you with no extra cost, you will be able to send them the full system. Also, most companies will not charge you if they will not be able to recover your data after the data recovery process.

Any type of data lost is something nobody needs or want, if data lost happen for your laptop hard drive is good to know that the odds are in your favor. Take some time to research for a good company and with some money you will be able to get your data back soon. After this, make sure to always back up all your data.

Raid Data Recovery Explained

Raid data recovery is somehow different from all other types of data recovery. Most experts advise not to try to recover the data yourself before sending in the hard drives to a data recovery company. This is because most companies found that most of the times simple users try to recover the files all by themselves, they fail and not only. Their actions will make the recovery process even harder and if the lost information is important, someone will be in big trouble. If it's about raid data recovery better handle it quick to the professionals without touching anything.

You don't have to take chances with the recovery, it's advised to research for a data recovery company that can handle the recovery process for you. Sometimes, it can be expensive for a raid data recovery but usually the price you will have to pay for the recovery is way lower then the price you will have to pay in time and resources to have all your data recreated.

There are procedures that data recovery companies always follow when they have a recovery on the line. These procedures are followed exactly and even expand when it comes to raid data recovery. As a first step in any raid data recovery, experts have to make sure that all drives are working. For Raid 0 as an example, it is a must for all the drives to be 100% functional. When they are not functional, the drives will be taken in the clean room and will be repaired.

When all the drives will function normally, clones of all the drives will be made. During this process, your drive will be placed in a write protect mode to make sure the data will not be altered in any way. The normal recovery process will be performed on the cloned drives, again, for increased safety.

When researching for a data recovery company you will notice some of them will offer a service full guarantee, if they don't get your data back, you don't pay. A phone consultation is something that could help you also. They will also offer you absolute 100% confidentiality on your data.

Even if raid data recovery sometimes can become expensive, most companies will not charge you for an evaluation of a complex raid system. If you need the help of the experts, get it, it's the best way. After getting all your data back, make sure to always backup your information from now on.

Choosing a new graphic card is not rocket science

As computers become faster and faster, many of us fail to see that technology has been moving steadily away from the CPU and more into the video card industry. Someone looking for a gaming monster should reevaluate the budget and spend less on the CPU and look more at the RAM (Random Access Memory) and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). In a gaming machine, most of the processing is done by the graphic card... and not so much the CPU as one would think. But think about it.... those photo realistic graphics portrayed by most of the new games require a LOT of processing power - 90% of which is handled by the graphics card.

Choosing a new graphic card is not rocket science, but you still have to know what to look for. More video memory does not necessarily mean higher performance. One can purchase an ATI 1300 with 512 Megs of ram on it or a previous generation ATI X800 with 256megs. Most people would think that the newer generation graphic card with the more memory would be faster right? Let's put it this way. Would a 2007 Ford Focus be faster than a 1999 Porche 911 even though it is newer and bigger? No, because the Porsche has a much more powerful engine. Just like the X800 has a much more powerful "Engine" than the X1300.

It is always wise to check minimum requirements on games, before proceeding to buy, to ensure that your graphic card will perform to the required specifications for an enjoyable gaming experience. Always look at the Recommended specifications as opposed the the Minimum Specifications. Minimum specifications are just that. Minimum required making the game work. It won't necessarily be pretty to look at, but it will work. Whereas with the recommended specifications, now it may start to look pretty and smooth.

Points to consider for gaming
Push more towards higher end video cards to enhance your experience
Double check video card performance before your purchase
Look at previous generation cards
Always check the minimum requirements for the game
The human eye cannot see more than 60frames per second (fps) good gaming

"A computer is only as good as the person in front of it"

Wireless Network Basics

If you've got more than one computer at home, you may be thinking about setting up a wireless network. It can make file-sharing a breeze, with no more having to burn data onto a CD-ROM or trying to fit it all into a memory stick (or -shudder- a floppy disc!) to get it across the room. And going wireless lets you position the router in a convenient central location, without having to run wires along the baseboards or under carpets.

But setting up a wireless (or 'wi-fi') system can be a daunting task if you've never done it. Or is it? With technology today, firing up a wireless router and adding a few access points has never been easier. Many of the setup routines are automated, with your input limited to thinking up a few passwords, or typing in some information off the label on a piece of hardware. Let's take a quick look at some of the hardware common to any wireless setup.

The core of any network is the router. If you already have a broadband/ADSL/cable modem, it's best to get one with the modem function built-in, and replace your existing one. If you don't want to do that, make sure the router you decide upon can be plugged into your modem. The router transmits and receives the signal to your computers. Almost all of them have several Ethernet ports to connect devices with a cable.

This is handy if you have a computer or network-accessible printer nearby, and don't need a wireless connection. The important thing to remember when purchasing a router is to make sure it's 802.11g compatible. The 'g' means it's faster than the older 'b' standard. You may see references to an upcoming 'n' standard as well. The final requirements for this standard have not been fully decided as of yet, so if you get a 'pre-n' piece of hardware, the standards may change, leaving your device unable to function properly.

Your computer will need a wireless access point to communicate with the router. There are two main types. The first is the PCI wireless network card. This is an internal card, like many modems, and must be installed inside the computer in an empty card slot. These will have an antenna that sticks out of the back of your PC, which may not give you the best signal if the antenna is hidden away. Some models have a short cable for the aerial, so you can mount it somewhere to improve reception.

The second type of network connection is a USB adapter. This attaches to an open USB port on your computer, and has either a built-in antenna, or a cable to a separate aerial, like the PCI card. These are portable between computers, but may not receive as well as a built-in card. Also, they can be bumped if they stick out of your computer.

If you have a notebook computer, many of them now have wireless access built in. Older models can use a notebook card, which slides into the PCIMCA slot.

With this basic knowledge, you may find that configuring your own wireless network is amazingly easy. In no time, you can be surfing from anywhere in your house, or passing files back and forth effortlessly from one computer to another. Many other devices can now also access your home network, such as game consoles, cameras and cell phones. Unplug yourself, and see how much fun it can be to go without a wire.

Notebook As A Tool Of Time Management

Notebooks have emerged as a bare essential for the business executives who carry their work along with themselves. Notebooks which are also known as laptops can facilitate the work process thereby saving substantial and valuable time. In short, it is used as tool of time management.

Owning a notebook is a dream of many, but since it is very expensive nobody buys it unless it is indispensable to them. However, some people having shoe-string budget look for a good notebook. They are the ones who need detailed and comprehensive information on notebooks and laptops before they settle for one.

Basically, buying a notebook or laptop largely depends upon the personal choice, specific requirement and social status of a person. Besides, different manufacturers are introducing notebooks of different look with a wide-range of features. However, some notebooks are launched in the market to cater to a particular segment of buyers keeping in mind of their specific needs. Accordingly, these laptops differ in flavor, class and quality.

Let`s take a look at the various types of notebooks that are available in the market today. Keeping various factors in consideration the notebooks can be broadly divided into four major categories, such as:

Budget laptops - Typically, these laptops cost around US$ 1000 to $ 1200.

Mid-range laptops - Notebooks of this category can be found with a price-tag of about US$1200 to $1600.

Ultra-portable laptops - These light-weight laptops ranges from US$1600 to $2200.

Laptops for the people with a class apart. With all the standard and advanced features in these notebooks, they cost above US$2200.

Performance test of laptops:

Notebooks can be tested on the basis of certain benchmarks such as Multimedia content creation 2003 and Business Winston 2002. These tests determine the performance ability of different notebooks with regard to regular productivity applications and multimedia content application.

Similarly, 3D Mark05 and 3D Mark06 are used as standards to measure the gaming and graphic potential of different notebooks.

Likewise, PC Mark05 is taken as a yardstick to test various components of notebooks such as hard-disk general usage, multithreading, web-page rendering, file decryption and 3D pixel shader.

Moreover, the battery back-up and wireless connectivity can be tested using Battery Mark02 and QCheck as the benchmark.

Finally, Vista Compatibility Check can be undertaken to test if the notebooks have Vista-readiness. Under this test, the performance of the laptops is assessed on the basis of Vista drivers and Vista upgradeability.


When it comes to features, the list seems endless. Some expensive notebooks have the most advanced features such as built-in webcams, fingerprint readers, TPM and so on. So far as the features go, they can be divided into five different categories, such as:

Physical - Screen size and weight of the notebook

Connectivity - Bluetooth version 1/2, infrared, MMC reader, S-Video, DVI port, FireWire. The number and type of USB ports and PCMCIA slots.

Components - Type of optical drives, whether the notebook has a DVD combo, a CD-RW or a multi-recorder DVD-RW. The hard-drive capacity and any additional component such as wireless optical mouse or an MMC adapter.

Software - Software have always been an essential part of the package. These include recovery CDs, driver CDs, OSes, etc.

Protection - All types of protection available in a notebook, be it a finger-print reader, BIOS level HDD protection, touch-pad lock, TPM, or even rescue option available at the time of boot up.

Pricing and Warranty:

All notebooks ranging from $1200 to $4500 offer warranty of 1 year and some laptops have the option of additional extendable warranty.

So, the above discussed comprehensive analysis and performance tests will definitely help those who are planning to buy a laptop.

This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author's name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

Causes Of Data Loss And Storage Devices Damage

There are a lot of storage devices used to store data but the most common used ones are the CDs, DVDs, memory cards, memory sticks and undoubtedly the hard drives. All these storage devices have on major flaw in common, they are not infallible and this means that the data stored on them can be lost or damaged through a number of unforeseen failures.

Fortunately, there are companies that employ data recovery specialists that can recover your data by using special techniques, software and tools. Data recovery can sometimes be performed by the user of the damaged device by using software but there is a high risk of failure that can result in permanently erased data or damaged storage devices.

There are a number of conditions that can cause a storage device failure and they include heat, water, impacts and power interruptions. Other causes can be viruses.

Heat damage will usually be caused by fire but in the case of electronic devices and storage media, overheated equipment is the cause in most cases. For instance, in room with an ambient temperature that is too high, the air cushion thickness will be reduced by the air pressure. The hard drive heads might touch the recording plate and data will be damaged or lost.

In the case of hard drives, this kind of damage can also be caused by physical shocks or high vibration levels.

Most drives, but not all, have a seal that goes around the sides of the drive. If the seal is broken, the drive if prone to environmental contamination. The air is not very clean and with a damaged seal, particles from the air can grind the recording plate generating corruption or lost data.

If a hard drive is wet, water damage can occur even if it is turned off. Water is corrosive and will damage the metals found inside the hard drive generating microscopic pitting.

Data recovery specialists have both the required skills and the resources to perform a successful data recovery operation. This ensures a good chance that if you experience any data loss you can recover the data, be it sentimental data or business related information.

The best advice is to keep a backup of the data that is important to you, this way you can avoid the expense of data recovery. If a backup is not available, expert services provided by data recovery specialists is a must.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Experts Helping The Detectives

The advances in communication that have been made in the last two decades created a new branch of detectives. These are electronic detectives, and they are required because electronic communication almost replaced the written hard copy form of communication, the majority of corporate data only existing in electronic format. Because of this, hard disk data recovery experts have become a required aid for detectives or they became electronic detectives themselves. The computer has become a focal point for investigations or for corporations to identify their employs activities.

Nowadays, a significant part of corporate investigations is the data recovery process. Through data recovery, a volume of data can be obtained and evidence can be found in documents that might be relevant to the investigation. The data recovery process ensures a mass of important information that can be used.

There are a number of terms used to describe the data on a hard disk based on its state. "Active Data", is used to describe the data form that is accessible to the user of the computer. The term "Recovered Data" is used to describe the information that has been recovered after it has been deleted from the Active Data. This data is either in a very easy to recognize format, entire files, or an expert will be required to interpret it as it is in bits and pieces. The last type of term is "Unused" and it describes either parts of the hard disk that have never been used or parts that have been deleted from the Active Data and are available to be rewritten.

If covert corporate activities take place, then the data they leave behind will be deleted and probably the hard disk will be formatted and re partitioned to hide any traces. In this case, hard disk data recovery experts can help acquire proof by using advanced hdd data recovery tools and their expertise. This proof might then be used to conclude a case.

Data recovery specialists can help police investigations in many cases but the most expectable are cyber crime investigations that are related to credit card information theft or online money transfers. They also help in cases of child pornography.

With computers becoming a required standard in any office and workplace hdd data recovery experts will be tomorrows detectives in many investigations that include cyber crimes. They will be the ones that will uncover vital information for the conclusion of important cases.

DVD Duplicators

DVDRs are used for the storage of data, video, audio and more, despite the current compatibility issues with recordable DVDs.
The reproduction of DVD optical media via copying is termed as DVD duplication. Content is duplicated to existing recordable DVD media. The term is used as reference to producing discs in small quantities, as opposed to large-scale replication.

DVD duplicators are also ideal for short run & time sensitive disc duplication work. The new generation of DVD duplicators that we manufacture is of 'dual-format' so now our customers need not worry about the format and media to be used.

Duplication is the standard method in which smaller quantities of DVDs are usually manufactured. The process goes as: first, the DVD is loaded in the
burner.Then the information is digitally extracted from the master source (may be a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, or DVD+RW) and then it is transferred to the blank discs. The information then gets verified and the disc is accordingly accepted or rejected.

The processes extract the information from the master source in ditto same manner. Apart from the way a disc is manufactured, another remarkable difference between a replicated disc and a duplicated disc may be the way a disc is printed.

CD & DVD Duplicator helps one to produce copies of one’s music and video CDs and DVDs. It is used for fast, cheap and easiest way to get the product to the market, and helps in creating digital videos easily.

It can create 100s of discs in a very less time and is much cheap than expected and is essential for students pursuing a career in music and video

Automated CD or DVD Duplicators

The conventional or manual CD and DVD duplicators are efficient and cost effective but in conventional system, extra manpower is required. This
requires extra workers who are supposed to load and unload blank medium and due to this, there is an increase in the overhead costs as these workers need to be paid. So in a longer run, the manual or the conventional duplicators prove to be costlier.

Automated CD and DVD duplicator are equivalent to having a team of production workers throughout, working simultaneously on multiple projects and that too with flawless precision. Speeds also increases because the units do not require a "cool down" period in between and the load/unload times are consistent throughout.

In the past few years, the prices for an Automated CD DVD Duplicator have fallen significantly. So, now any business large or small can enjoy the
benefits of automated CD and DVD Duplication without being dependent on human workforce. The only thing required is to insert the master CD or
DVD, insert your stack of blank media, and leave the system to copy 100's of discs overnight. There's no need of supervision required in removing
copied CD or DVD. A CD DVD Duplicator of this type will make a great difference to your company's success.

Many Automated CD DVD Duplicators also come with integrated inkjet and thermal printers which facilitates in automatically copying as well as
printing the material with higher quality standards.

Automated printers

An automated printing system consists of a computer to receive copyright protected digital images for image-based product. The automated printing
system also includes a computer processor that processes such copyright protected digital images.

In printing, color filters are used to modify the printing light to achieve proper colour balance. The concept of making prints from transparencies is
similar for any materials used from coupler development to dye destruction. There are lot of precautions and steps required to be taken while printing like one should be aware of the type of colours one is working with, scratches due to dust particles, exposure to the prints to make it lighter.

Colour corrections and other visual requirements also need to be addressed to while taking quality prints. In such cases, automated printers prove to be very useful where the settings are done automatically and thus good quality prints are available.

Such automated printers are especially useful where there is bulk printing required. In such printing where a lot of things are to be repeated,
automated printing technology is a boon. They can be used in high volume production processes. There are again various types of automated

printers, the range starting from the most conventional types having rolls of paper that requires being processed to the most sophisticated types
that automatically expose, cut, and process and dry the paper roll. As per the popularity in the market, the roll paper printers are more successfully
used. They are more suitable to be used on large ships and shore stations. One of the benefits of this type of printers is that they can be operated
at normal light environment and where more number of prints is required.

The function of roll paper printer is a bit more advanced as it also analyses with in built analysers. While using these printers, the correct density and
color is obtained by making test prints. After the corrections and number of prints required are entered into the printer, the printer makes
each exposure and advances the paper automatically.

When a production negative is printed, the machine automatically refers to the memory and produces a print. It is done by making use of the information stored from the standard negative. These types of printers are very fast and can be used to rush bulk production and these have printer and processor compacted in to one single unit only. They are generally controlled by keyboards only and are easy to use.

Data Recovery For Laptop Hard Drives

If you compare the hard drive of a desktop with the hard drive of a laptop, the only difference you will notice is the size. Their technologies are the same, but this size variation makes the laptop hard drive more difficult. Still, there are companies that have the required equipment for such fine data recovery procedures.

Because laptops provide the ability to work anywhere they are now preferred over the usual desktop work stations. This leads to a lot of important data being stored on their hard drives. While their hard drives are no weaker than the drives the old work stations had, they are however highly susceptible to damage. That's when you will need to call in a laptop data recovery specialist.

The best way to choose a data recovery specialist is to allow the required time frame to make the research and correct choice. To do this, you will need to recognize the symptoms of probable hard drive problems. When choosing a recovery specialist, by checking multiple companies and comparing their price statements you can avoid those that will try to use your need for help right away. The data recovery company should have sterilized facilities for full recovery procedures.

The most common signs that a damaged hard drive provides are ticking and clicking noises when access is required to stored data. These are mechanical damage symptoms. There are also logical errors that can cripple the booting process of the computer or that will disable the reading of certain files that are stored in damaged sectors

If the problem of the drive shows signs that the issue might be of mechanical nature, drive not spinning or you can hear noises when reading, the help of a data recovery specialist in imperative. The drive might have a critical failure and attempting to recover the drive yourself will probably make it worse.

If the drive has logical errors or you deleted a file by mistake, there is enough software on the market to help you but there is the possibility that you misuse it so the help of a data recovery specialist is still recommended.

All in all, if you have problems with your laptop hard drive you can attempt to fix the problem yourself, as long as it is not a mechanical one. If you need a data recovery specialist, make sure the research is done prior to sending the media.

The Fault Tolerant RAID Systems

With the budget required to afford a RAID system you might be a little surprised to find that RAID data recovery is required. Well, any RAID system provides increased data security by being fault tolerant but they are not fault proof systems. RAID data recovery will be required if there are multiple hard drives that fail or for some reason other serious problems occur.

When a drive from a RAID system fails, the system itself is able to keep functioning based on the built-in redundancy. The lost information that the damaged drive was storing will be regenerated on the fly from the parity data but the performance of the RAID system will be negatively affected and the state of the system will be recognized as critical or degraded.

This is the advantage of the RAID system, it can still run while a drive is damaged. But, it is not a good idea to live it running in a degraded status because you will be putting your data at risk. The whole array will be vulnerable while running in a degraded state, because the redundancy is disabled until the moment the lost drive is rebuilt. After the lost drive is replaced with a new one, the RAID controller will start regenerating the lost data on it, this process is called rebuilding. After rebuilding is done, the RAID system will be back to full efficiency.

As pointed out above, a RAID system can fail if multiple drives fail. If this happens your data might be compromised and you will need a RAID data recovery specialist if backup of the data was not made. Success rates of data recovery specialists are encouraging, especially with RAID systems. A respectable data recovery company has specialized facilities, equipment and software that to help them restore the data from the damaged drives.

There are standard recovery procedures for RAID data recovery. The system will be evaluated to detect the exact problem then the data from the drives will be extracted in separated images. From the drive images the information will be put together and saved on a media of your choice

The information that is usually stored on such high cost RAID storage systems is high priority information, probably important for business. For this reason, in the eventuality of problems with the RAID system shutting down the system is imperative and RAID data recovery specialists should be contacted.

Build Your Own Notebook

The notebook is a fantastic accessory in modern life, used both for work and for play. It has the ability to produce and store a wide variety of high quality documents, play top quality games, download and run films, utilize the internet and also run business quality software essential for presentations and productivity in the modern business world. The device is designed to be portable, functional and meet the requirements of a busy modern life. However, the type of notebook chosen affects the usability levels. Many features are an unnecessary addition, depending upon what the notebook is used for. Though the quality of the machine may be unbeatable, it may not necessarily fully meet your requirements.

For instance, if the notebook is used by a traveling businessman then it needs to be highly portable. The device needs to be used in a variety of scenarios and places, and must perform to the utmost standard each time. Many elements can affect the portability of a notebook such as screen and product size, inbuilt systems and processor size. A 12 to 14 inch screen should be big enough for the traveling businessman, and the DVD player can be bought as an attachment for when it is required rather than being inbuilt. This will keep the weight of the device at the lower end and make it more accessible for travel.

If the notebook is used for recreational purposes only then portability is less of an issue whilst graphics performance and memory space become much more important. In this instance the size of the device, the graphics card, and inbuilt DVD player and rewriter will affect the choice. Also the screen will need to be at the larger end of the scale to enable better quality gaming and cinema experiences.

The notebook is generally sold with either scenario in mind, and the standard range is fantastic. But what if these general features do not fit your requirements? Every user is unique, and in the modern age people are used to being able to receive bespoke products and services. For instance, a business man may need excellent DVD features for presentations, yet still have portability a key concern. In this scenario, the best option is to build your own notebook.

To build your own notebook, you simply choose a supplier that will combine the elements that you need to create a bespoke notebook. This is usually an online provider as they can react better to supply and demand. Physical shops do not have such a good market for this type of service, as consumers go by sight to a large degree when physically shopping. A notebook in pieces does not look very attractive.

Building your own notebook entails knowing exactly what you want from your machine, so make sure you do your research and fully understand what the different elements are and whether they fit your purpose. However, it is not an option only for the completely computer literate. All sites that provide this service will be easy to navigate, with in depth explanations. The customer support team is also trained to be able to assist you with this type of information. They will be able to explain different components and also advise whether your choices will be beneficial to your needs. The notebook builder will put together all the required elements, to create a machine that will provide the optimum performance for you.

The price of your tailor made notebook will depend upon the components that you require, rather than an overall predetermined cost. Therefore, it will completely reflect the device that you require and be cost effective. Another advantage is that because it is completed online, it can be built from anywhere in the world and delivered direct to your door.

This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author's name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

Samsung ML-3050 review and cartridge choice

Sub-£100 laser printers are nothing new, but for that money you'd expect a fairly basic personal laser. Samsung's ML-3050 certainly covers the basics, but also offers a couple of extras you might not expect.

At first sight the ML-3050 is nothing special: a squashed cube in two tones of grey with a 250-sheet paper tray sliding out from the bottom and a multi-purpose tray folding down from the front panel. This isn't a single-sheet tray, though, and can take up to 100 sheets of special media, such as letterheads or envelopes. Pages end up in an output tray set into the top of the machine.

Also at the top is the control panel, though there's no LCD display here, just three buttons: one stops a print job, the second switches on toner saving and the last, a bit of a sales indulgence, prints a demo page. At the back are both USB 2 and parallel ports, again unusual in an entry-level printer but useful if all your USB ports are in use.

The printer is supplied with a low capacity toner cartridge which is capable of producing 4,000 pages at 5% coverage, to reduce print costs to around 1.7p per page it would be necessary to replace this cartridge when empty with the high capacity 8,000 page ML-D3050b cartridge.

As this cartridge can cost almost as much as the printer it is essential to shop around for the best value, try comparing prices from Samsung with local retailers and an online discounter like Cartcon.

The ML-3050 is a quick machine for the money and we saw 16ppm for text and just over 4ppm for photographic prints. While neither of these speeds comes close to Samsung's rating of 28ppm, real-world measurements rarely do. The text print speed in particular is very reasonable for a printer in this price range.

The printer has a resolution of 1,200dpi, but this is an enhanced figure and the native resolution is half this. Even so, it gave better reproduction of our test photo at 600dpi than with the 1,200dpi enhancement turned on. In both modes it did well for a mono laser and text print was particularly crisp and precise.

In conclusion the ML-3050 is a great little laser printer, giving quality print at low price. It's easy to set up and use and is quick enough for most personal print applications. Samsung needs to look at the pricing of its print cartridges, though, if its customers aren't to buy new printers each time they need more toner.

Alan Wilson has over 10 years experience in the imaging industry and is a director of Cartridge Concept.

New Orleans Printing Offers More For Less

When you need printing services and or products, you need excellence, affordability, and precision. When choosing a reputable area New Orleans printing company, you must decide which one company offers the best service and product for your time and money. Graphic design is about more than printing a simple image. There are color schemes, typography, and precision involved in each order. Graphic design is an art form popularized by mobility, and the New Orleans culture is immersed in creativity and artistry.

With the popularity of the Internet rising, graphic design has taken on a new dimension. Online software has made for interesting and promising designs to be made from the comfort of your own home. However, when superb graphic design is needed, look for professional graphic designers. When you need graphic design in New Orleans, you want a professional designer who is familiar with the unique local culture.

A local designer should offer you precision service with "N'awlins" friendly customer service. Whether you need full-color printing or exquisite black and white printing, you deserve the same excellence in quality and service. High quality printers understand the importance of using high quality dyes and how to mix dyes to produce excellent, lifelike prints worthy of your business. From the vibrant red for glossy photos of red beans and rice, to the sharp contrasts needed for prints of black cast iron railings, New Orleans graphic artists are experienced in providing just what their customers need.

Of course, New Orleans printing has a reputation for providing superior quality printing. Let's not forget the incredible, committed customer service and support. When you expect the best, you will find New Orleans printing services will exceed all your expectations.

Graphic artists plan and create the illustrations you need for your marketing. You will want someone with the experience to use the right local print and electronic media. You will want a printer steeped in the community traditions to use color, type, photos, and techniques to best reach your local target market.

Many New Orleans and Metairie printers utilize the most high-tech, updated software programs available and insure the layout and design meets your expectations before completing any project. Sometimes, you will find all you need for the most exciting printing tasks is a comprehensive consultation.

With a line of typography including fonts from Adobe, Agfa, Eyewire, to Voodoo, these Louisiana graphic artists have the variety you need for your project. You should consider using the web to investigate the gumbo of products and services offered to find a high-caliber New Orleans graphic design firm.

The local New Orleans graphic designers can develop your graphic message around the appeal to the intended consumer. The local artists will consider cultural, physical, and social norms in the plan and the execution of the visual message. Do you expect the best for your residential, commercial, or industrial printing needs?

Do you want friendly and expert customer service coupled with qualified and talented graphic artists? Then you will find no one can offer you what New Orleans printers offer everyday - exceptional local customer service and products.

Things to consider when buying laptop battery

Having a high-quality laptop battery and charger is one of the most important parts of having a personal laptop. Particularly if you propose to take benefit of the laptop’s portability; without a good laptop battery, your laptop would require to be plugged into the wall more often.

Modern laptop batteries and charger tend to last three to five hours, it depends on the power require to computer and programs the user runs. Few things could be frustrating as when your laptop battery abruptly won’t charge fully or stops holding its charge for as long; when this happens, you would most likely need to purchase a good laptop battery.

Today there are several varieties of laptop battery manufacturers, and especially retailers to purchase your laptop battery from. However, your chief concern in buying a laptop battery would be to select the battery that goes correct your laptop.

For this you would further require to know the make and model number of your laptop; if you do now know this cavalier or don't have the essential paperwork, check the inside of your laptop's battery section when the computer is off and unplugged. There you may find your laptop’s model number, along with some other data as well. You might as well find the part number of your laptop battery, placed on the casing of the battery itself.

When purchasing a laptop battery, you would perhaps only have one or two options that fit your computer. Choose the battery with the best ever life accessible for your computer. There are numerous different types of laptop batteries available; because the technologies of each are quite dissimilar, a laptop should be considered especially for the kind of battery it uses. Most laptops are only intended to use one kind of laptop battery technology.

Regardless of what type you have, it's significant to appropriately care for your laptop battery, in order to get as much life out of it as possible. "Conditioning," which means completely discharging and then fully charging the battery, must be done at least every few weeks, as it upholds the full capacity of the laptop battery.

New Orleans Printers Using the Latest Technology

The New Orleans area is known for its Southern hospitality, Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, and delectable creole cuisine. When you demand the best technology and service in a printing company for your personal, business, or corporate needs, Metairie printers offer you the same unique and creative solutions for your printing projects.

When you are looking for the latest in technological printing capabilities, you expect cool but clear fonts, refreshing layouts and designs, drivers for your own printers and appropriate software for your internet. A graphic design company should always care for their customers before, during, and after the printing experience. There are local printing companies to carry your project through the entire process, from concept and planning through to printing the finished product.

You will find the highest quality products with the convenience of using a local firm, when you visit New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana area printers for your printing needs. With your professional needs comes the necessity for the best technology in the printing industry. Whether it is the newest in printing equipment or simply those special touches such as typography or ink manipulation, you will discover a community printer will exceed your highest expectations with friendly local service.

Especially after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and Metairie local printers want to encourage everyone to spend their printing dollars locally. Keep your purchasing moneys in your community. Our printers want you to spend locally, at the same time receiving excellent products and better than expected customer service. Your printing tasks deserve top priority, and with committed staff, you will receive the best possible service and product.

High quality images whether in color or black-and-white must have the same special care taken to insure the best product. Metairie printers believe if you find a company capable of exceeding your needs, you will travel across the parish line for high quality service and products. If you have a big job you deserve the same precision and care as those small printing jobs, and if you have a small job you deserve the same respect and low cost.

Printing technology has changed a great deal over the past few decades. Home town printers understand your needs and the local cultural expectations better. The printing companies in the greater New Orleans area utilize in-line presses and collators to bring the latest technology to your job.

When you need tickets, tags, labels, letters, envelopes, forms, postal labels, packaging, or other printing applications, the experts located in the Crescent City offer hospitality and professionalism with each order. Once again, the customer is treated as the priority. After all, when you are pleased with the results of printing projects, our area printers know you will come back to their businesses. New Orleans printers know the importance of excellent service coupled with superior products. With committed employees, you will find the flexibility necessary to get your printing tasks accomplished beyond expectations. If they do not do it right the first time, they will do it over again until you are satisfied with the results. Metairie printing companies offer you the perfection you expect in brilliant, lifelike images.

When you have a printing task ahead of you, trust the graphic expertise of a local area printer.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Printer That Offers Mailing Services

Other than producing your postcard printing pieces, most postcard printers offer a wider range of services to match your postcard printing project. And one of these services includes postcard mailing.

Combining quality postcards with effective direct mail marketing would almost surely get you your end goal: a highly profitable business. And when you think that handling your own direct mailing service does not work effectively, it’s time to get a postcard printing company that can handle your direct postcard mailing for you.

Generally, direct postcard mailing services are provided by postcard printing companies to support other direct mail offers. The list may include digital postcard printing and mailing, as well as other more complex direct mail features.

One benefit of getting a postcard mailing company to do your direct mailing services for you is that these companies provide more than what you can do for your business, integrated with experience and skills. Some of the important packages that postcard printing companies offer concerns marketing strategy and planning, design and copywriting support, certification of mailing list, variable data printing, and direct mailing.

Two, a few postcard pieces may still be convenient for you to prepare a list and then mail them out. What’s so difficult about designing, printing and finally mailing your postcards to your target producers, anyway? You can do it and will probably save on costs in the process.

However, while it is true with a few number of postcards, you might get overwhelmed with the task when you multiply that number into hundreds and even thousands. Direct mailing would be very difficult for you by then. It is now time to get a professional to do it for you. Although you have to pay for additional costs of hiring a postcard printing company with direct mailing services, it will be more beneficial for you to do so in the long run.

And what about if you don’t have a postcard mailing list to work on in the first place? Your postcard printing company will definitely have one for you. This would not only save you time, but it will also get you to reach more target audience than when you do your postcard mailing list yourself. Your postcard printing company can also build you your postcard mailing list online so don’t hesitate to ask for such services.

Direct postcard mailing services are not your typical run-of-the-mill services being offered by everybody in the postcard printing business. However, when you do find one, remember to take down your postcard printing company’s name for future consideration.

You just might be surprised how affordable it can be to incorporate direct mailing to your postcard printing campaign. But as always, to optimize what you have, you need to choose someone that will work for you and with you. So the next time you need direct mailing services for your business, choose wisely and consider what your postcard printing company can do for you.

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Lexmark X4550 multifunction - review and cartridge choice.

The Lexmark X4550 isn't the cheapest printing device to offer Wi-Fi capabilities (that accolade goes to the juicily priced £60 Lexmark Z1420 inkjet), but it still weighs in at a sub-£80 price that, particularly in light of its scanning capabilities, ought to grab your attention.

Manufacturers are always searching for the next big feature or trend that looks like sweeping across the industry. In the case of printer and multi-function device manufacturer Lexmark, it reckons wireless connections look set to saturate homes and offices across the nation.

Cartridges supplied with the machine are the #23 black and the #24 colour cartridge, these are low capacity cartridges and should be replaced with high yield cartridges #34 and #35 when they run out. This should improve the running costs to about 5.8 pence per page.

These cartridges have been used in previous Lexmark models and along with the optional photo cartridge #31 are readily available from Lexmark, many high street retailers or from an online discounter like Cartcon.

Wi-Fi aside, the Lexmark X4550 is a solid if slightly uninspirational All-In-One multifunction device.

The Lexmark X4550's maximum printer resolution of 4,800x1,200 is typical of sub-£100 All-In-Ones, although even at its highest quality mode, it never achieves some of the same heights of excellence as some models costing considerably less.

We were never able to get pin-sharp text out of the Lexmark X4550, and even at the highest level, the characters are slightly poorly formed. Performance was reasonably good though, with the middle quality mode running out at a handsome 8.6ppm (pages per minute). On graphics, the Lexmark quickly dropped to sluggish performance levels once past the (actually quite decent) fastest mode. Quality was acceptable, but we weren't totally enthused by the results.

Setting up Wi-Fi with the Lexmark X4550 is very simple, thanks to the comprehensive (but still reasonably swift) installation routine. The Lexmark even has coloured lights to tell you whether it's connected and, if not, whether there's a convenient network within range. In fact, setting up the Lexmark X4550 is, overall, a breeze.

The Lexmark X4550 also works adequately as a scanner, offering very solid (if, again, not stunning) results.

Notebook users shouldn't underestimate the ease of being able to print from anywhere in the house without the hassle of wires. Running off a couple of prints from the sofa is remarkably liberating, and we can only hope other manufacturers follow suit in due course. Lexmark's X4550 is not meant to be everything to everybody, but it deserves much credit for providing wireless at such a cheap price.

Notebook For The Casual User

The notebook has a great deal of features, but what you use it for greatly affects the type that you should purchase. The device is designed to be compact, transportable and still provide all the technological requirements that suit your needs. Certain elements affect these notebook features a great deal. Many are unnecessary if you want to use the device only for fun or for occasional use, and others are also essential. It is important that you know what you need so that you can make sure your notebook is a sound investment.

A recreational notebook user wants a device to be able to edit video, play DVDs, access the internet for browse and downloading games. For these requirements an internal CD/DVD will be required. These can be bought as an accessory, but if entertainment is the key requirement then it makes sense to buy one with inbuilt capabilities. This will provide instant access, making the device more readily accessible and less cumbersome for the recreational user. The inbuilt DVD player will make the notebook heavier.

The size of the notebook screen will affect the quality of the entertainment used. A larger screen is required to make the image clearer and more enjoyable. This will make the device bulkier and heavier, but if it used for recreational reasons, then this is seldom a problem. A fifteen to seventeen inch screen is perfect for the recreational user.

This also means that the keyboard will be larger which can assist with gaming in terms of better and easier access to controls. The graphics card needs to be able to produce a good quality image on these screens, and so choose a notebook compatible 3d option. If it is inbuilt, check to make sure it is top of the range to avoid disappointment.

Any notebook has built in memory that can easily cope with an excess of word processing and document creation and storage. However, if you are using it for entertainment, then the size of the memory will be important. The bigger the memory; the best quality product you will receive. The memory affects picture quality, game choice, graphics, and game speed.

If any of these are a requirement then you should choose a notebook with maximum memory to get the best possible results. If you are using a video card that says `Shared Video Memory` then this means that it uses some memory from your notebook. Small amount of memory also restricts the number of colours available and so again it will produce an image of low quality.

Downloading films and games from the internet require good hard disk space also. Many games are multi faceted and so require regular saving. These store lots of information including graphics, and so try to keep the amount to a minimum to get the best performance from your notebook. Games on disc use less memory, and so combine the use of the two for better variety. Add and remove downloaded films as required to get the best from your device. This is also important for the battery life.

Using a notebook recreationally runs the battery down much more quickly than for business use. The more information stored, the more output is expected, and so the battery will take the strain. Keeping a neat and well organised notebook will ensure you get optimum performance.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Fax Ribbon are New Generation of Imaging Office Supplies

The times when people used mural paintings or papyrus to transmit information is now only a memory. As time went by, people made it possible for themselves to communicate a lot faster and information can now be sent in just a few seconds. The facilities that we have nowadays would scare people who lived thousands of years ago and if you come to think of it better it would probably scare you too if not for all products that make it easier to use what you already have.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Fax Ribbon are just some of the imaging office supplies that make it possible for you to do your work properly. It is of high importance, when you work in an office to be able to transmit information in different ways. When information has to be sent from one place to another, under a form that has to be put on paper, these products are essential to you. Contacts, pictures, deeds or many other valuable papers are now sent by fax in just a few seconds time.

Fax Ribbon must be reliable and meet all the specifications of major fax machines available today. When you look for the product you should search for one that assures the quality of the print as close to the original as possible, clear and sharp and there should be no other settings required. It must only be inserted and ready to use. You should see if the length and size that the product has is what you are looking for and most importantly you should see if the quality of the product suites the price. The performance and quality you are looking for must be very high and the price must be reasonable.

Another supply for your office that you should always have if you want to do your work properly is Thermal Transfer Ribbon. They are essential and if you do not choose the one adequate to your needs, things can go very bad. When you pick one of these products you have to know what you need it for and thus choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Every form has its advantages and disadvantages and this is the main reason why choosing the right type can save you a lot of trouble. However, the most important thing there is to know about the product is that they are specific to the printers that they are manufactured for. So, when choosing a ribbon you definitely have to know what you are looking for. Furthermore, in your search do not forget to compare prices. The most suitable product is the one that offers you what you need at a very good price.

For more information about Fax Ribbon or even about Thermal Transfer Ribbon please review this page Imaging Office Supplies.

Things to consider when buying battery charger

When it comes to selecting a laptop battery charger, there are several options available that it could be threatening to select among them. Following are some general rules would guarantee that you select a laptop battery charger, which would meet your requirements and offer your top excellence service for years to come. A classic battery charger could handle either NiMH or even NiCad batteries. A NiMH charger normally works with NiCad cells, but do not work vice versa. Most battery chargers are considered to work with AA or AAA batteries.

Certain electronic products need an extraordinary set-up battery charger that is frequently offered by the manufacturer. The average battery charger has a capability of either four or some times six batteries. Ideally, you must have no less than an extra pair of charged batteries readily available at all times, so ensure your battery charger could manage the load.

The characteristic battery charger is motorized by means of an AC outlet. Smaller units plug up straight into the outlet, making them tremendously suitable for people on the go. Because they are deliberated keeping travelers in mind, these battery chargers frequently work with both 100 and 220 volt outlets with out the want for an adapter. Cheaper laptop battery chargers have need of an external converter in the shape of a power brick that moves electricity to the charger by means of a power cord. This kind of charger is much affordable but too inconvenient, and it more often than not cannot handle 220 volts unless a classy adapter is added.

One feature merit paying extra money on is a charger control. An expensive laptop battery charger has a clever computer chip, which switches the charger off when the batteries are completely charged. It could as well recognize how much charge is at first in the batteries and only add whatever is then needed. Cheaper chargers, in contrast, charge batteries for a fixed length of time that could as well overcharge the battery and lessen its life. A simple LED is on an average used to point to when the charge cycle is complete.

The Benefits Of Buying A Notebook Online

Notebooks are as accessible as they are useful, and the range available can make buying a product time consuming and complicated. Of course, before buying any laptop a consumer should be aware of the quality and advantages of the investment. For this reason, many devices are bought from high street retailers, where assistants can provide advice and provide demonstrations. Although it can be useful to be able to walk into a shop and view the product, there is a shift in the way that notebooks are being purchased. This is because buying online provides all the usual benefits, but there are also many further advantages to be gained.

The first advantage is that there is a better range available. When you buy from a high street retailer you are reliant upon the notebook range that they have in stock at that time. These retailers will only purchase a limited number of certain products as they need to be certain that there is demand. Online product retailers can be more responsive to their customers needs, and so provide a wider range and in bigger numbers using a supply and demand approach. The site will often provide information and reviews on its products also. The range is not limited only to what is currently on offer either; online notebook retailers now offer bespoke services where you can create a notebook that contains all the components that are specifically important to you. High street retailers do not have the demand or the capacity to be able to provide this service, unless it is of considerable size and a specialist provider.

Often, the information you receive about your notebook is clearer and more honest online. Technology improvements are fast and furious, and as soon as a model is released it immediately becomes dated. High street electronic retailers need to be able to sell their older model notebooks before they become too old to sell. Furthermore, the advice given is the opinion of that particular person only, and part of their wage may be based on commission from sales. Online reviews have the benefit of being from a variety of audiences. If you do not want to know the site reviews, there are many independent notebook review sites that can utilized to help you make an informed decision. Another major benefit is that the notebook reviews can be browsed, whilst looking at the desired potential purchase.

When purchased online, the notebook can also be purchased from anywhere in the world. This means that anyone can have access to the latest and most advanced notebook and accessories, regardless of where they reside. Make sure that import taxation is taken into consideration in this scenario when pricing the cost. Another advantage is that the laptop can be delivered to you, making this a convenient option. The notebook will be carefully packaged and guaranteed to arrive in optimum condition. Delivery options can often include free shipping, depending upon where you live. The online laptop retail site will display their regulations regarding this clearly.

The usual advantages of special offers when buying a notebook from a high street retailer can be gained when making a purchase online. Many notepad retail sites have the same buy now pay later options available, with clear contracts and terms and conditions. However, it is worth noting that online notebook retailers have fewer overheads such as rental space and cost of equipment. This means that they can often offer better special offers available than those in the shops. These can range from free notebook accessories, reduced cost of further payments, free shipping, and price reduction. The provision and support is excellent, and so buying a notebook online may be an excellent investment opportunity.

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Epson Stylus DX7000F - review and cartridge choice

Print, scan and fax with a single inkjet-based machine. The DX7000F scans well but makes slow prints, scans and copies, and has no ADF for fax and is commonly available for a little over £100.

Although it's fairly common for mono laser multifunction devices, or MFDs, such as OKI's B2540 MFP to send and receive faxes, this feature is rarely found on an inkjet model. Epson's Stylus DX7000F has a built-in fax modem, but is otherwise a fairly typical inkjet MFD.

The DX7000F uses four separate ink cartridges with the black T0711 containing 7.4ml of ink and the three colour cartridges T0712, 713 & 714 containing 5.5ml each. These cartridges have been used in previous Epson models and are readily available from Epson direct, your local retailer or from an online discounter like Cartcon.

Further savings can be made by purchasing the Epson Multipack, T0715 or by using compatible cartridges from a reliable third party manufacturer.

Epson's setup program adds drivers for the print and scan functions, and offers a range of optional software such as Creativity Suite, which allows very basic photo editing. We found it simple to get the MFD up and running.

Epson's print driver offers a choice of five quality settings, but none of them produced particularly clean black text on plain paper. The printer's Draft setting produced faint, striped characters, so we ran our 50-page draft test using Text mode, which was slow. The colours in graphics on plain paper were solid and streak-free using the Text & Image setting, but also dull and under-saturated. Colours in photos seemed a little warmer, but skin tones were a little too cool for a flattering portrait shot.

Fortunately, the DX7000F's scanner was more impressive. It captured sharply focused images, recording plenty of detail from both very light and very dark areas. Colours were accurate, too, but it was slow at high resolutions. Our 1,200dpi (dots per inch) test scan of a 6x4-inch photograph took over three minutes, two or three times longer than we'd expect.

The DX7000F doesn't have an automatic document feeder (ADF), so you have to load each page of a long fax and make copies one page at a time. This is a pain, and makes the DX7000F an unconvincing fax device, particularly when you could buy other MFD’s which include this function.

Overall this machine does some things well but other functions perform well below the level one would expect from a major manufacturer and with many other devices from other well known brands available at below this price level, the Dx7000F is probably best avoided.

Alan Wilson has over 10 years experience in the imaging industry and is currently a director of Cartridge Concept.