26 Şubat 2008 Salı

Automated CD or DVD Duplicators

The conventional or manual CD and DVD duplicators are efficient and cost effective but in conventional system, extra manpower is required. This
requires extra workers who are supposed to load and unload blank medium and due to this, there is an increase in the overhead costs as these workers need to be paid. So in a longer run, the manual or the conventional duplicators prove to be costlier.

Automated CD and DVD duplicator are equivalent to having a team of production workers throughout, working simultaneously on multiple projects and that too with flawless precision. Speeds also increases because the units do not require a "cool down" period in between and the load/unload times are consistent throughout.

In the past few years, the prices for an Automated CD DVD Duplicator have fallen significantly. So, now any business large or small can enjoy the
benefits of automated CD and DVD Duplication without being dependent on human workforce. The only thing required is to insert the master CD or
DVD, insert your stack of blank media, and leave the system to copy 100's of discs overnight. There's no need of supervision required in removing
copied CD or DVD. A CD DVD Duplicator of this type will make a great difference to your company's success.

Many Automated CD DVD Duplicators also come with integrated inkjet and thermal printers which facilitates in automatically copying as well as
printing the material with higher quality standards.

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