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Automated printers

An automated printing system consists of a computer to receive copyright protected digital images for image-based product. The automated printing
system also includes a computer processor that processes such copyright protected digital images.

In printing, color filters are used to modify the printing light to achieve proper colour balance. The concept of making prints from transparencies is
similar for any materials used from coupler development to dye destruction. There are lot of precautions and steps required to be taken while printing like one should be aware of the type of colours one is working with, scratches due to dust particles, exposure to the prints to make it lighter.

Colour corrections and other visual requirements also need to be addressed to while taking quality prints. In such cases, automated printers prove to be very useful where the settings are done automatically and thus good quality prints are available.

Such automated printers are especially useful where there is bulk printing required. In such printing where a lot of things are to be repeated,
automated printing technology is a boon. They can be used in high volume production processes. There are again various types of automated

printers, the range starting from the most conventional types having rolls of paper that requires being processed to the most sophisticated types
that automatically expose, cut, and process and dry the paper roll. As per the popularity in the market, the roll paper printers are more successfully
used. They are more suitable to be used on large ships and shore stations. One of the benefits of this type of printers is that they can be operated
at normal light environment and where more number of prints is required.

The function of roll paper printer is a bit more advanced as it also analyses with in built analysers. While using these printers, the correct density and
color is obtained by making test prints. After the corrections and number of prints required are entered into the printer, the printer makes
each exposure and advances the paper automatically.

When a production negative is printed, the machine automatically refers to the memory and produces a print. It is done by making use of the information stored from the standard negative. These types of printers are very fast and can be used to rush bulk production and these have printer and processor compacted in to one single unit only. They are generally controlled by keyboards only and are easy to use.

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