26 Şubat 2008 Salı

How to Search For Best Computer Support?

With numerous web based computer support companies, there is no dearth of quality services for your precious PC. People have misconception that the expensive services are better than the free or low price services. However, this is completely a myth. You may get better help from a technician on the free or low price technical support company.

Irrespective of any computer support company you choose, there are ways to evaluate its mettle before you rely on it. Search for comments or complaints about the provider on different online computer support forums and blogs. Such forums list thousands of public discussion groups. Another way is to consult computer related publications and tech support news to have a review about different technical support websites. All these sources can help you to get a better sense of services provide by different companies.

If you're considering using a tech support-related Web site, e-mail or post a couple of sample questions and see what kind of response you get. Does it deliver a complete response within the promised time? If not, you may want to seek another source of tech support before you really need it.

All that glitters is not gold. If you are considering availing support for your nasty computer problems, always ask for ‘try before you use’ plan. Many tech support companies like iYogi.net offers their first time visitors such a plan. It may come with a price but worth to review the services. Once you get an ideal computer support company, try to have a clear explanation about the error or problem. A little wrong description about the error may force the technician to work through your PC much longer time.

If your computer problems are related with any software, note down the serial number, version number, and service release number of that particular software before you make the call. It may of great use to the computer repair technician.

Also, tell the technicians about the list of things you have tried to fix errors, nolens volens. The technical support person is there to solve your problem, not to pass judgment on your lack of technical knowledge.

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